Friday, 17 September 2010

Album Review - "Inspired - Inspired"

"Don't fear death. Its a simple thing when its upon you"


Inspired's self titled debut EP is a beautiful and honest acoustic voyage through the mind of Kristian Davison.

Kicking off with my personal favourite track The Water Kristian takes your conscious into a deep thought on life and what happens when it comes to an end.

Next up we have a brutally honest tale about self growth and change. Don't Belong ends with an aggressive "Acousti-punk" chanting over heavy acoustic guitar strumming which leads into the gem of the album, Unfortunately.

Unfortunately has a beautiful melodic vocal part combined with strings, bass guitar and drums to create a world class tune.

The extra instruments really stand out compared to the rest of the soft gentle tones we have heard on the previous tracks. The build up into the poignant flute solo is just phenomenal.

Kristian sings his heart out on this track, which can be felt by anyone who hears it. 10/10 track.

There aren't many songs that can follow up that, but Reason stands its own as a solid track. With guitar reminiscent of Foo Fighters-Everlong, Reason manages to stay soft and fragile, yet anthemic.

Final tracks Invincible and Falling in love manage to close the EP off very well. With vocals tackling the subjects of self-doubt and self-reflection which is a running theme through-out the project.

Overall Inspired is a very talented songwriting act that has managed to create a sound so gentle yet aggressive that can draw the listener into their own memories due to the sheer conscience-ness being shown through the lyricism

You can pick up the EP at this link


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